Oscillator - divider 50 Hz

This is a square wave generator, made by me in two versions with the same schematic design. The output is a digital signal between 0 and +5 V. This device uses a quartz oscillator and a series of dividers by ten. By using additional power transistors with heat sink at output, the output current capability of the generator is increased. The first version of the generator was used in a radar simulator and the second one was used for converting a watch with time based on 230V / 50Hz mains power frequency in one with much better precision.

Figure 1
Output signal
Figure 2
Radar simulator

- square wave output
- output frequency: 50 Hz
- output frequency accuracy: ± 0.00001 Hz
- output voltage range: 0 - 5 V
- maximum output current: 200mA
- power supply: 5 V DC

Figure 4
Schematic (PDF)
Figure 5
PCB Layout

The oscillator is made with a CMOS inverter gate ( 1/6 CD 4069) and a 5MHz quartz crystal. The divider from 5MHz to 50Hz is made with five decade counters (CD 4029).

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[1] - CD4029 datasheet
[2] - CD4069 datasheet